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Many professionals confuse the Chief Financial Officer with a bookkeeper or Controller function. This is understandable. But it is important to differentiate among the different roles in the finance function. Each is required to maintain operational excellence. The CFO serves as the department head and business partner to the CEO, looking forward and delegating the day-to-day tasks of the organization.  The Controller's primary purview is compliance and timely recording of past financial performance.

Whether it is leveraging in-house staff or bringing in outsourced service providers, Mitchell ensures the entire function is completed accurately and efficiently.  


Empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to reach their pinnacle of financial clarity and  strategic growth.


Areas of Expertise

A trusted advisor, we focus on six key areas of specialization.
Financial Reporting

Accounting systems and process review. Expert financial statement review, analysis, and presentation to provide accurate and timely insights into your company's performance and financial stability.

Strategic Planning

Partnering with leadership to shape business and financial strategy, map opportunities, and guide critical decisions to maximize growth and profitability for ultimate exit or enduring cashflow.


Forward looking reports and analysis. Expert financial modeling, cashflow forecasting, unit economic analysis, margins, and scenario planning to optimize data-driven and decision making.

Capital Structure

Guidance on capital needs, sources of funds, structuring, timing, optimal use of debt and equity, and securing funding in order to achieve growth and liquidity goals, and ensure financial stability over the long-term.

Investor Relations

Guidance and preparation support for lender and investor reports, Board presentation materials, and strategic relationship management to enhance capital partner relationships and maximize equity value.

M&A / Succession

Guidance on corporate development (buy-side valuing, structuring and negotiating acquisitions) and sell-side readiness and marketing materials for ultimate exit or recapitalization to a private equity partner.

Guiding Principles

We have learned over the years that each situation is unique. However, we maintain the highest standard for everyone we choose to work with. Your success is our success.

Be Trustworthy

Upholding the highest ethical standards, we foster trust and transparency, ensuring our partners receive honest and reliable guidance.

Be Excellent

Committed to delivering exceptional service, we strive for excellence in all aspects, providing our partners with top-tier finance expertise.

Move Fast

Moving as quickly as possible is an overlooked art. Responsive and action-oriented, there is no excuse for not moving forward.